High-net worth couples in Florida and divorce regret

Regret can be a big player in a marital split. Making the decision to divorce is never an easy one as it affects not only the couple, but their children and even extended family members and friends. High-net worth couples in Florida may find it even harder to make decisions regarding ending their marriages since so much is on the line financially. The pros and cons must be weighed carefully.

In fact, one of the major issues that causes divorce regret has to do with finances. Not only is divorce itself costly, but what it can do to a couple’s finances as individuals can be life-altering. Running two households is an expensive undertaking, even if the couple had many assets to begin with. There are other issues that impact net worth, including spousal and child support.

Divorce also impacts children. Not only might they be affected emotionally, but their parents might not be spending the amount of money on them that they once did. Divorce may be the only recourse in many situations, but in others — especially when children are involved — there may be other alternatives the couple may wish to pursue before finalizing a divorce.

It could be that high-net worth couples in Florida may have more to lose in divorce situations. An attorney might be able to offer some advice on how to minimize the impact of divorce financially. He or she may also be able to offer the names of others who may be able to help such as financial advisers.