Property division in Florida: Are there really any winners?

There may be a lot of squabbling and fighting among couples who are heading for divorce. But, when it comes to divorce and property division in Florida, does anyone ever really win? It doesn’t matter what a couple’s net worth may be — one partner will always believe the other made out like a bandit while he or she got a raw deal. The fact is that divorce can make the financial picture far more clear than it may have been within the marriage, and splitting everything, especially when there is a lot at stake, can take some getting used to on both sides.

In addition to concrete assets, couples may have also shared digital assets such as air miles cards or any other points cards. How these should be divided also needs to be discussed. The fact is, there are many questions that may arise, and indeed need to be raised, when figuring out who gets what.

Not only do couples have to contend with property division, but also with taking care of any debts that may have been incurred during the marriage. A good place to start is by identifying areas in which soon-to-be former partners are actually in agreement. Common ground can set the tone for further negotiations that may be more volatile.

The Florida laws governing property division during divorce can be complex and difficult to understand. An attorney may be in the position to clarify those aspects of the law that seem confusing. When a client understands why things happen the way they do in the divorce process, it may make it easier for him or her to look more positively to the future.