Does a single mom have to name dad on birth certificate?

Not all birth certificates include the name of the child’s father. Many people in Florida may believe that it is a parental responsibility to name the father; however, what many people don’t know is that the father has to be in agreement with his name being on a birth certificate if the couple aren’t married. He also has to sign the certificate on which he’s named.

There could be a good reason why the father should be included on a child’s birth certificate. It may actually be in the best interests of the child. For example, if the child’s father dies, the child could possibly receive death benefits from Social Security. What it doesn’t mean is that it would be easier for the father to obtain custody of the child since he could petition for custody at any time, based on the child’s best interests, even if he’s not on the birth certificate. Paternity, of course, would have to be formally established first.

If a mother applies for social assistance, she would have to name the father of any children since the state would try to recoup child support funds from the father. In any case, if the baby’s father is going to be involved in the baby’s life, chances are he will want to be known as the child’s dad as per the birth certificate. He may also wish to prove paternity formally by taking a paternity test.

So, naming the father on a child’s birth certificate when the couple is not married is a parental responsibility in so far as doing so may possibly help children in the future. A Florida attorney can offer advice on issues such as paternity and child support. When a parent understands the legalities behind whether to do or not do things such as having dad named on a birth certificate, it will be easier to make informed decisions.