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Florida Child Support Guidelines

Florida child support is determined by a formula, but the outcome is only as good as the numbers that are put on each line. These calculations have a long-term effect as support usually must be paid until the children turn 18. Working with a skilled family law attorney can ensure that child support awards are fair.

The attorneys at Meador & Johnson, P.A. will listen to your situation and then analyze all relevant financial documents. This is crucial if the other parent is self employed or owns a business. Our comprehensive review also looks at insurance, child care and education costs.

Whether child custody becomes an issue in a high-conflict divorce or paternity action, we can help.

Above-Guidelines Support And Modifications

When a child has special needs, more support than the guidelines suggest may be needed. Families with significant assets and associated expenses may also find that the court will deviate from the guidelines.

In addition, either parent can petition the court to modify child support if circumstances warrant. Reasons that support a modification generally include:

  • Extended unemployment
  • An increase or decrease from a prior guidelines amount of 15 percent or more
  • A change to the parenting plan that significantly impacts the amount of time a child spends with one parent

While child support obligations normally end when a child turns 18, this is not always the case for children with autism or other special needs.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Child support calculations may seem straightforward, but it is easy to make a costly mistake. We work on these cases every day and can identify issues that you might miss.

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