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Division Of Assets & Military Benefits

Benefits such as retirement pay and military disability pay often are the most significant assets in a military divorce. Several factors are considered while calculating what percentage of these benefits a former spouse is entitled to receive.

In some cases, a former military spouse may not be entitled to any portion of a military retirement. Too often, military personnel end up paying former spouses a larger share of benefits than necessary.

The Nuances Of Military Divorce

We have handled divorces for numerous military members and military spouses throughout northwest Florida, including personnel and family members stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field, the Naval Air Station (NAS) in Pensacola and the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station in Myrtle Grove.

The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA) is a federal law that provides certain benefits to former spouses of military members. The benefits may affect receipt of retirement pay and medical care, as well as the use of the exchanges and commissaries. It is critical to retain legal counsel that has a full understanding of the protections afforded by this and other laws.

In addition to division of assets in military divorce, issues regarding child custody, time sharing and relocation with a child are distinctly different for families with an active member of the military who may be deployed. As with civilian divorce, the child's best interest is always the primary factor in whatever decision needs to be made.

We are grateful for the service of all military personnel, as well as the sacrifices made by their families. Our lawyers are prepared to advocate for you in matters regarding division of military retirement in divorce.

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