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What To Expect During The Divorce Process

Whether you are the one planning for a divorce or were shocked with the service of divorce papers, you need an experienced and proven family law attorney in your corner. This attorney must have the experience and knowledge of Florida law to protect your interests and achieve your objectives.

At the Pensacola office of Meador & Johnson, P.A. we will spend the time to learn what is important to you. Then we will develop creative, comprehensive legal strategies to obtain a positive outcome. Our lawyers are committed to putting you in the best possible position to begin your post-divorce life.

How We Achieve Your Goals

Our attorneys are adept at using alternative dispute resolution to help you reach agreement through collaborative negotiations or mediation. An uncontested divorce can save time and money while eliminating some of the stress involved with the process.

However, there are situations when litigation is the only method to obtain the best possible result. Dealing with an unreasonable spouse may be one of these. We are experienced trial attorneys and we will advocate aggressively in court when necessary.

What To Expect In The Divorce Process

A divorce is started by filing a petition for dissolution of marriage. The receiving party will be served a summons, petition for dissolution of marriage and other required pleadings. Here are some of the next steps:

  • After being served, the receiving party will have 20 days to answer. Do not wait until the last minute because a lot must be accomplished prior to filing an answer.
  • Within 45 days after service, both parties are required to attend a parenting course. Mandatory disclosures — such as financial documents and affidavits — also need to be served in this period.
  • Once financial disclosures have been exchanged, the parties must attend a mandatory mediation process to attempt to resolve the issues in the case.

If the parties are unable to resolve these issues, then the case will be set for trial in front of the assigned judge or magistrate. We can answer any questions you have once we know more about your situation.

A Litigator In Your Corner

If you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, your next important decision is to select legal counsel who will protect your interests and produce the best possible outcome. Our lawyers provide aggressive representation to people just like you in communities from the Gulf Coast to the Emerald Coast of Florida.

Call 850-483-0773 or toll free 800-785-4969 to schedule an initial consult. You can also send us a message online with a brief explanation of your legal problem.