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Ann handled my case with integrity, and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of family law . My case was very complex, but it did not deter her from fighting for my rights, and for those of my children. She welcomes any sort of legal challenge, and truly has her client and their children's best interest at heart. I felt very secure knowing that I had such a top-notch attorney working in my favor, and would highly recommend Ann and her team for any family law need.

Travis was extremely straightforward, understanding and had my best interests in mind the entire time. Travis has made a loving father very happy again. When it comes to your family any price is worth time and he was more than fair on his fees. While he didn't have a lot of time to prepare, he was extremely well prepared the day of. If you are ever in the need of an attorney please look here first.

Jennifer represented me in a very complex family law case. Throughout the process, Mrs. Bushnell was professional and compassionate to my situation. During the final proceedings, Mrs. Bushnell was thorough, aggressive, and diligent in her efforts to represent me. I have had used other civil litigators in the past, and Mrs. Bushnell's representation was by far the best I have ever personally received. She genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being, her attention to detail is unmatched, and getting the proper result for client is pursued with vigor and intensity. I highly recommend anyone in need of the service of a civil litigator to contact Mrs. Bushnell. We are very blessed to have such a dedicated civil attorney in this area.

Mrs. Meador was a pleasure to work with; she was always helpful and friendly. She seemed to care so much about our situation and her HONESTY helped me the most. She is truly a knowledgeable attorney who cares and works diligently for her clients.

Mr. Johnson is honestly the best attorney on the gulf coast. He had not only my best interest in mind but my baby's as well. Travis always made sure he was on top of things and looked out for my best interest as well as protecting me even when it came to the smallest of details. I will definitely hire Mr. Johnson again in the future. I owe him the world.

Mrs. Bushnell is my go-to person when I have questions regarding estate planning. She is knowledgeable and understands the subtleties.