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Considering insurance in divorce property division

When couples go through a divorce, there is often a lot of emotion to deal with. That can make it difficult for the two parties to consider every aspect of their property division, and where everything will fall once the dust settles. One of the most common examples of forgotten assets in a Florida divorce is insurance. That is because a spouse is sometimes dropped off of the other spouse's insurance once a couple is divorced.

What is a health care directive, and why have one?

Many times, when a Florida resident goes to the doctor's office or has to be admitted to a hospital, he or she will be asked whether they have formally created plan for their health care. While over 90 percent of those asked believe that it is important to have a health care directive, only about 30 percent can answer that question positively. Perhaps that is because many people do not fully understand what a heath care directive is and why they need one. 

Estate planning in a second marriage

In the United States, having been married more than one time is not at all uncommon. When planning a second marriage, however, many Florida residents never consider the ramifications that it could have on their estate planning. When families blend, the income and assets also intermingle, causing finances to become a bit complicated in some cases. Because of this, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting married for the second time.

Mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce

For some people in Florida, the decision to divorce can bring about feelings of relief and happiness. For others, it can intensify their feelings of hurt and abandonment. People who are involved in high-asset divorces should not let their feelings get the best of them during this time in their lives. Their emotions can distract them from the big picture and make it harder for them to protect themselves and move on, resulting in them getting less than their fair share in their divorce settlements. 

The need for a health care directive in one's estate plans

When it comes to end-of-life and estate planning, there are many aspects to consider. The need for a health care directive, for example, is often a question in the minds of those who are consulting with their attorney on such matters. There are many reasons that one may wonder why he or she would need to document his or her wishes for health care. For those in Florida, it is important to have someone who understands the state's laws on the subject.

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