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Military parental custody rights during deployment

The number of service members who are being deployed has increased in recent years, leaving many military parents concerned about their custody rights. When military parents divorce during deployment, there is a real worry that they could lose custody of their children. For those facing these issues in Florida, there are steps that can be taken in order to avoid this.

A pound of prevention is critical in estate planning

For most, the thought of making financial plans for the future is a terrifying one. For others, estate planning consists of buying life insurance, and hoping it is enough to get their loved ones through the financial difficulties could come when they are deceased. The truth is, neither of these is true. For those in Florida who are facing the daunting task of planning their financial futures, the most overlooked step is anticipating risks and working to prevent them.

Debate over shared parenting could affect military parents

A new law is being considered in another state which could have an effect on parents all over the U.S. Military parents in all states, including Florida, should especially be aware of this bill, since it could have long-reaching implications. One state's lawmakers are attempting to make mandatory shared parenthood a reality. That means that, if the bill passes, judges will be required, in most cases, to grant 50/50 shared custody of children to parents who are going through a divorce.

The differences between wills and trusts in estate planning

For those who are planning their estates, it can be confusing to understand the terminology. For example, many are uncertain of the distinction between wills and trusts in estate planning. In Florida, as in other states, it is helpful to know the benefits of each.

Property division: Avoiding tax penalties re retirement funds

The end of a marriage can have a significant impact on a person's financial future. For this reason, an individual in Florida may place a great deal of importance on pursuing a fair distribution of assets and debts during property division. However, there may be additional factors that could prove detrimental if overlooked, such as the potential tax ramifications of dividing retirement accounts.

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