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Deployment is one factor that may jeopardize military marriages

Florida families in which at least one spouse serves in the military know the challenges such a life presents. The stress and uncertainty of deployment combined with the difficulty many have when returning to civilian life are only two factors that can work against a couple trying to keep a marriage alive. While such couples may feel they are alone in their struggle, a recent study shows there are many fighting along with them.

Tax law changes and potential changes to an existing estate plan

There is a tax reform plan on the table that could, if passed, bring changes to what is known as the death tax. If this measure passes, it will eliminate this particular tax, yet some people may think that this eliminates the need for a strong estate plan. Regardless of what happens in Congress and to federal tax laws, Florida readers know that good estate planning still makes good sense. 

Tribal court child custody and relocation cases in new lawsuit

A new lawsuit has been filed in another state which alleges that federal law was violated in an Indian tribal court. According to the suit, the state's department of human services, as well as the county in which the suit was filed, sent child custody cases to a tribal court despite the fact that both parents had not consented to do so, resulting in the relocation of the child to a reservation. Although this case was not filed in Florida, the state has many Native American parents, and parents who are married to Native Americans who may be interested in the outcome.

Keeping children out of the conversation through mediation

When Florida parents have trouble communicating and getting on the same page, that contention can bleed into the rest of the family. This often happens during a divorce, and the children could get an earful. Using something like mediation could make keeping children out of the conversation easier since the parents are encouraged to calm down and work together for their benefit.

When marital problems lead to property division problems

No two marriages are the same and every Florida couple has their own ups and downs along the way. One marriage might be able to withstand a particular problem while another crumbles under the same type of pressure. Although some people may claim to know who should stay married and who should divorce, only the spouses involved know what is best for their particular situation.

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