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3 steps to take after being served with divorce papers

If you receive divorce papers, you may have trouble thinking clearly for a few hours or even days. While you have 20 days to respond to the divorce filing, you do not want to wait until the last minute to figure everything out. It may just sound too overwhelming to you right now, as the thought of getting a divorce can be extremely disheartening.

Property division includes fair split of home equity

When children are told they have to share the last piece of cake, even at a young age, they understand the importance of getting their fair share. There may be countless times in life when someone watches assets divided in front of them and may have to fight to get what is due. At no other time does equitable property division become as important as when two people are going through a divorce. The largest, most difficult asset to divide is often the family home.

Estate plan includes personal protections

People who do estate planning may be the kind who place the well-being of their families before their own good. Creating an estate plan means providing security and reducing the burden on loved ones. However, without meaning to, many in Florida overlook some crucial elements without which their families may face heart-wrenching decisions.

Child custody and parental responsibility over Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday just days away, divorced parents may be concerned about how to fairly divide time with their children. Although the main event may be Thursday's dinner, many families have traditions that flow through the weekend. In fact, by extending the celebration through Sunday, Florida parents may have a better opportunity for a more equal sharing of parental responsibility.

New tax plan may change alimony and property division negotiation

Divorce is often a matter of careful negotiation. A Florida couple may find that coming to agreements quickly on matters like child custody and property division may allow them to move forward with their new lives. For some spouses, especially those with low incomes or who spent their marriages out of the workforce to care for children, alimony is an especially important part of divorce negotiations. However, new tax proposals currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress may complicate negotiations for many couples.

3 mistakes that divorcing women should avoid

If you are getting divorced soon, you may be feeling a whirlwind of emotions. With the emotional trouble of ending your marriage, you can be prone to making mistakes. If you are not prepared for the emotional roller coaster or messy legal process, you could make long-lasting, devastating mistakes. 

3 ways you can help your kids through divorce

Figuring out a divorce is never simple, especially for children. Your kids will be particularly affected by your marriage breaking down. They will feel a lot of stress, confusion, sadness and anger throughout the process. While you certainly have your own emotions to deal with, you can also help your kids cope with divorce. 

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