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Why is it a mistake to post on Facebook during your divorce?

First things first: Yes, some people are able to use social media just fine during their divorce without experiencing repercussions. However, it is a good idea to, at the very least, avoid Facebook use and other social media use. To cover your bases altogether, the recommendation is to suspend your posting until the divorce is over.

Otherwise, you could end up posting something that hurts your case or that turns an agreeable divorce sour.

Setting the tone

Divorce is rarely an easy thing to announce, yet you may want to post about it so you get support. However, if you announce without your ex's knowledge that you are getting a divorce, that could set the tone for a lack of trust during negotiations. If possible, take the time to chat with your ex about how, where and to whom you want to announce. Do this for in-person encounters too, not just for social media.

Now, there are divorces that are generally agreeable and those that are extremely fraught with tension. Many fall somewhere in between. Whatever the case is with your divorce, posting to Facebook in an unguarded moment could lead to you saying something you regret.

Hurting your emotional state

Not posting on Facebook means you are on Facebook less. Thus, there are fewer chances of seeing happy pictures of your ex with your children or someone else. It can help you move on better emotionally. One alternative, blocking your ex, could just breed bad feelings especially if your divorce is supposed to be amicable and involves children. It is often wiser to simply stay off Facebook.

Hurting your case

Suppose you want to share about the amazing date you just had or the expensive outfit you just bought. These could potentially be used against you. In the case of a new purchase, if you claim to not have much money, it is easier to not make such a post than to have to explain to lawyers and a judge that, yes, you had legitimate means to buy that outfit.

Not being able to post to Facebook during your divorce can feel strange. You may even feel like part of your support network has gone missing. Exploring ways to make up for this in person may prove a smarter move in the long run than going ahead and posting a lot.

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