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How involved should children be in a divorce?

There are many opinions about whether children should get a say during divorce proceedings. Some experts say kids should absolutely voice their opinions while others suggest keeping them far away from everything as possible. Ultimately, you need to consider the age and maturity level of your children before deciding whether to ask for their input. 

Simplifying property division with a firm grasp of one's finances

Divorce and its aftermath can be difficult for women, in particular those who, despite decades of evolving gender roles, have allowed their husbands to handle the financial decisions throughout their marriages. In fact, one report noted that 56 percent of married women allow their spouses to do the financial planning and investing. This often results in complications when those marriages end after decades and the women are left trying to rebuild their wealth. Moreover, a Florida spouse who leaves the bulk of the financial burden to her partner may find some unexpected surprises during property division.

Loved ones benefit most from an estate plan

Some people understand the importance of estate planning early in life. Perhaps they are compelled to visit an estate planning attorney following the birth of their first child, or they have had experience with a loved one who died leaving an estate in disarray. Unfortunately, most people in Florida or elsewhere do not take those early steps to establish an estate plan while they are still young. This can lead to negative consequences for those left behind.

Blac Chyna fans question her sense of parental responsibility

Florida fans of reality TV are not usually surprised when personalities on their favorite shows are caught acting out in their personal lives. It may be difficult to discern real life from the contrived scenes and conflicts they see during weekly episodes. However, when children are in the middle of disputes and outbursts, viewers may begin to question how seriously a reality star is taking his or her parental responsibility.

Custody, property division come after breaking the news

While it is likely that both Florida spouses can be aware that they are in an unhappy marriage, it is not always clear to both spouses that divorce is inevitable. When one spouse reaches the decision to end the marriage, there is one important task to complete before moving on to custody discussions, property division and other legal particulars. That task is for one spouse to tell the other that he or she wants a divorce.

Divorce and your family business

If you and your spouse own a Florida business but are contemplating divorce, your business in all likelihood represents a major portion of your marital assets. Consequently, deciding what to do with it is one of the most important decisions you and your spouse must make since it affects not only the business, but also your property settlement.

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