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Being aware of estate planning scams

Money makes some people do some off-color things and that includes trying to scam people out of it. Florida residents need to be aware that there are shady estate planning advisors among the majority of upstanding ones and people need to know what to watch for when dealing with these planners. The elderly are especially vulnerable.

Parental responsibility: Child custody in polyamorous situations

The definition of family today differs greatly from decades ago. Still, no matter what relationships people are in, as parents, the parental responsibility still exists to do what is in the best interests of their children, and that also holds true in respect to custodial situations. Florida residents who are in polyamorous relationships may find themselves in sticky situations should they decide to break ties with one or more partners who may have a vested interest in the children.

Who is considered next of kin when it comes to an estate plan?

Intestacy brings with it a whole slew of problems. People who believe they are entitled to a piece of the pie in terms of a deceased person's assets need to meet next of kin requirements outlined under Florida law. This is one of the reasons that having an estate plan is so important and the reason that dying without a will causes so much chaos in most families.

Does military deployment affect divorce rates?

Being a member of the military can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful on relationships. Florida couples who have one or both spouses on active duty may find it difficult to maintain open lines of communication, especially during times of deployment. It would seem that married military couples may head to divorce court more often than their civilian counterparts, but statistics show that's not necessarily true and may even be less likely to occur.

Parental responsibility: Putting off divorce for kids not wise

Putting off divorce for the kids' sake may not be the wisest move. In exercising parental responsibility, Florida parents have to weigh in on what is in the best interests of their children, and that may be not remaining together as a couple. Putting divorce on hold for the kids' sake may not be what is best for them at all, especially if they're living in a world of animosity, hostility and anger.

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