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3 tips for smart social media usage amid divorce

As someone currently navigating your way through a Florida divorce, you may be looking for new ways to spend your time and new people with whom to share your life. Often, people facing similar circumstances turn to social media in an effort to build new relationships or connect with old contacts, but this may not be your smartest move.

Increasingly, social media content is coming into play in divorce cases, so it is important to note that virtually anything you post online could potentially come back to bite you. For this reason, you may want to consider refraining from using social media entirely until your divorce becomes final, as doing so may lead to unnecessary stress or hardship down the line. If abstaining from using social media until your divorce finalizes is unrealistic for you, however, consider the following three tips for smart social media usage amid divorce.

1. Avoid incriminating yourself

Planning to pursue spousal support from your husband or wife? Be very careful about what you share with online audiences, as it could potentially impact your ability to secure spousal maintenance. For example, if your social media profiles chronicle your latest tropical vacation or your purchase of a brand-new car, expect your spouse’s legal team to take issue with it.

2. Avoid showcasing that you have moved on

While it may be tempting to highlight your new relationship online to spite your ex, doing so before you officially divorce is a bad idea. Your former partner’s attorney may, for example, try to argue infidelity played a role in the breakdown of the marriage, and you posting pictures with someone else may give him or her material to use as “evidence.”

3. Avoid trash-talking your former partner

The internet is forever, so anything you post has the potential to haunt you until the end of your days. Therefore, think twice before bashing your ex in any type of public forum, especially if the two of you share children who may one day see your posts.

Simply put, the best way to avoid having your use of social media negatively affect your divorce case is to simply avoid using it until your divorce finalizes. If you must use it, however, be smart in doing so to reduce the chances of it impacting your case.

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