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Divorce in Florida: Avoid these three mistakes

Those who are going through a divorce can increase their chances of a more favorable divorce settlement by knowing what to avoid. Three of the more common mistakes often made during divorce include:

  • Not following proper legal protocol. Marriage involves more than just two people - it also involves the state. As a result, there are certain procedures that must be followed when going through a divorce. One of which is referred to as service. In order for the divorce to move forward, the paperwork for the divorce must be properly served to your future ex-spouse. In Florida, this generally requires taking the petition to the sheriff's department in the county where the other party lives. The sheriff's department will then proceed with delivery of the petition to your future ex.
    • Over sharing on social media. Social media can provide access to a valuable support system. Unfortunately, information posted on social media can also be used as evidence in a divorce proceeding. A simple post about a fun vacation or venting about the difficulties of divorce could be used against you. As a result, it is generally best to step away from social media. If you must participate, do so knowing anything you put out there could show up in court.
    • Failing to gather copies of financial information. If you are planning on moving out of the home that you share with your spouse, it is a good idea to make copies of any needed financial paperwork. This information is important because the more accurate the financial information you bring to the proceeding, the more likely you are to get a fair financial settlement.

    These steps can help to better ensure the divorce process goes smoothly.

    Another step that can also help protect your interests is to seek legal counsel. A legal team can advocate for your rights and help better ensure a fair settlement.

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