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The importance of a health care directive

Many people have a general idea in their minds about how they want to be treated as the end of their life approaches. Unfortunately, most of those people just take for granted that their loved ones will ensure that those desires are met. This is not always how it works since laws and the wishes of other family members could get in the way. That is why everyone in the state of Florida may want to look into having a health care directive.

New law could affect child custody and military parents

A new law could affect the way child custody cases are handled. Although the idea was made a law in another state, House Bill 492 could change the way other states, including Florida, handle custody and divorce. This law does away with primary custody and creates a new way to parent known as shared custody. There are a few ways to make such a law work for military parents.

The number one tip for property division success

When it comes to dividing marital wealth, the old adage certainly applies. It is impossible to be over prepared, and an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Property division requires a careful and thorough approach, especially in light of the fact that the outcome will have a lasting impact on the financial security of both Florida spouses for many years to come.

Parental responsibility in child custody: Doing what's best

Part of being a parent is making uncomfortable decisions in the best interests of a child. This is an important parental responsibility. Parents who are considering divorce will have to navigate child custody and related issues. Some others may be wondering if they could get custody of the child of a close relative, or family friend. In Florida, as in other states, there are several steps involved in making a child custody decision.

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