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How much does a Florida divorce cost?

One of the many negative consequences of getting a divorce is its high cost. Between asset division, court fees, child support and alimony, your finances will take a hit, especially in the Sunshine State. You may decide to try a DIY divorce and skip legal representation.

Do not let the potential cost deter you from ending your marriage in the best way for your circumstances, which will save you money in the long run. Many factors contribute to how much you will pay, some of which you have control over.

Legal representation

While DIY options are cheaper, they have a limited demographic. If you do not fit it, then you can end up spending more money due to extra paperwork, mistakes and delays. On the other hand, hiring just any family law firm to handle your divorce is not wise either for the same reasons. You need to find the right lawyer with experience in your case type to ensure the best value for your money.


How you decide to get divorced plays a significant role in the final bill. Alternative methods such as collaboration and mediation are generally cheaper than litigation and usually have better outcomes as well. However, if your ex is abusive or hostile, going to court will likely be necessary.


The complexity of your assets also affects the cost. The more assets you have to divide and the more complicated they are (such as retirement accounts or family businesses), the more time and effort it will take your legal team to investigate them. Longer marriages also tend to be more complex and expensive.

Special circumstances

Specific situations can increase or decrease the cost of your divorce, such as:

  •        If you have any children together, how many and what ages
  •        If you are in the military
  •        If your spouse is absent, vengeful or not wanting to divorce

Because each family is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much money your divorce will be.

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