Making divorce less painful for high-worth couples in Florida

A businesswoman has taken it upon herself to try to ease the pain of marital breakups. She is the CEO and founder of a website/app that aims to make divorce easier on couples, including high-net worth couples. This may be of help to Florida spouses who are finding going through a divorce to be a miserable experience and who may need assistance organizing their affairs.

Property division in Florida: Are there really any winners?

There may be a lot of squabbling and fighting among couples who are heading for divorce. But, when it comes to divorce and property division in Florida, does anyone ever really win? It doesn't matter what a couple's net worth may be -- one partner will always believe the other made out like a bandit while he or she got a raw deal.

High-net worth couples in Florida and divorce regret

Regret can be a big player in a marital split. Making the decision to divorce is never an easy one as it affects not only the couple, but their children and even extended family members and friends. High-net worth couples in Florida may find it even harder to make decisions regarding ending their marriages since so much is on the line financially.

Top financial mistakes to avoid when divorcing

There are numerous financial considerations to make for any divorce. For couples planning to divorce in 2018, it may work in their best interest to finalize the separation before the end of 2018 due to a provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which prevents a person paying alimony from deducting those payments from his or her taxes.

3 costly divorce mistakes to avoid

Leaving your spouse may be emotionally devastating, but it may also be harmful to your financial wellbeing. Breaking up is costly, and you will probably see an increase in your cost of living. If you are getting a divorce, it is important to consider the monetary risks you may face.

Custody, property division come after breaking the news

While it is likely that both Florida spouses can be aware that they are in an unhappy marriage, it is not always clear to both spouses that divorce is inevitable. When one spouse reaches the decision to end the marriage, there is one important task to complete before moving on to custody discussions, property division and other legal particulars.