Florida estate planning may involve splitting heirs

When someone writing an estate plan has more than one beneficiary, it can prove to be a challenge on how to divide assets equally among them. For Florida residents who are thinking about estate planning, they should know there is a way to think about who should get what, especially when it comes to children.

Florida’s power of attorney rules

There are certain rules that go along with estate planning. One of those has to do with creating a power of attorney in Florida. In order for the document to have any legitimate weight, the principal -- or the one making the power of attorney -- has to sign the document in front of two witnesses and a notary public, which could be one of the witnesses as well.

Keeping an estate plan from becoming obsolete

Thinking about the future and preparing for the often frightening possibilities ahead takes courage. It means facing one's own mortality and contemplating issues beyond how to distribute one's belongings. When Florida residents make time and effort to create an estate plan, it is usually after careful consideration.