Parental responsibility: Dealing with parenting plan changes

The old adage “change is the only constant” is very true in many regards. Parenting plans of divorced Florida parents and the parental responsibility that comes with these plans are essential for the well-being of children alternating between two households. These parenting plans often need to be modified in keeping up with life changing and growing children.

These modifications don’t have to cause problems. It’s almost to be expected since children grow up quickly and their needs change. On the other hand, when there are far-reaching changes like a change in custody, a plan would likely need a major overhaul. But when changes are minor, so too are changes apt to be to the original plan.

For a parenting plan to be enforceable, it has to be a formal, written document. A verbal agreement won’t suffice. Any decisions regarding the plan must be made jointly. Any formal changes must be documented and agreed to by a family court judge. In giving any changes the green light, a judge will always decide on what he or she believes is in the best interests of the children.

Divorced parents each have a far-reaching parental responsibility to put their own interests on the back burner and do what is best for their children. There are times when that involves changes to an existing parenting plan. A Florida attorney may be able to offer legal advice when it comes to modifying these plans. There may be confusion about what can and cannot be included in a plan and how to begin the process of changing its contents or directives. Obtaining legal counsel may be wise before thinking about changing what’s already in existence.