Making divorce less painful for high-worth couples in Florida

A businesswoman has taken it upon herself to try to ease the pain of marital breakups. She is the CEO and founder of a website/app that aims to make divorce easier on couples, including high-net worth couples. This may be of help to Florida spouses who are finding going through a divorce to be a miserable experience and who may need assistance organizing their affairs.

The service she is offering is not meant to be competitive, but rather to be a tool for people going through a divorce and for other professionals who help them. The site offers tools such as worksheets to take stock of assets and debts. It also gives family and relationship information based on a set of questions it asks users; allows for easy calculations of family income and living expenses — something that is required for alimony payments and child support.

The creator of the site, known to many as the divorce whisperer, said she has seen couples spend thousands of dollars just getting organized for a divorce. She calls divorce antiquated and developed the demo from $1 million she amassed from investors. She says the divorce management tool has been well received.

High-net worth couples may especially benefit from this type sort of app since they may be faced with proceedings that are more draining emotionally and financially. An experienced Florida divorce attorney may be able to make a big difference for his client in a high-asset divorce case. He or she can work with such experts as forensic accountants, investigators, appraisers, auditors and any others who may be able to weigh in on individual cases.