Estate planning: How Hurricane Florence and old age are similar

Hurricanes can be devastating and so can old age, if plans haven’t been put in place for care. Estate planning in Florida should encompass the possibility that residents may need special attention in their advanced years. Many Floridians don’t take the time to plan for the unforeseen. People don’t like to think about negatives and so they don’t plan for them, which is a grave mistake.

As with a hurricane, people are warned to prepare for impending catastrophe yet many turn a blind eye and choose to do nothing. So many people don’t have the documents necessary in preparation for the future. These can include wills, advance care directives and health care proxies also known as powers of attorney. If a person can no longer make decisions on his or her own behalf, these documents are necessary for another to be able to do so.

A living will is also an extremely important document. They spell out end-of-life wishes. Some people don’t want to be kept alive by machines, while others want every measure to be taken to help them to continue to breathe. There are no right or wrong directives when it comes to the end of a person’s life. It all about personal choice, but those choices have to be written down in a manner that is valid legally.

Nobody likes to think about becoming old, frail and ill or about death. But estate planning is really for loved ones and helping them through their grieving process. Getting a Florida lawyer’s help regarding what a well-rounded estate plan should include is one of the most loving tasks anyone can do for family members.